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Verra Mobility partners with Bluedot to offer electric vehicle charging capabilities to fleets

June 18, 2024 at 8:55 AM EDT

Partnership alleviates some of the challenges that fleets must navigate in the electrification of vehicles such as range, battery limitations and automated payments solutions

MESA, Ariz., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Verra Mobility Corporation (NASDAQ: VRRM), a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions, announced today a partnership with all-in-one electric vehicle (EV) fleet management platform Bluedot to offer charging capabilities to fleet customers. By partnering with Bluedot, Verra Mobility now offers its fleet customers the ability to find, charge, and automatically pay for charging at over 80% of public charging stations in the United States.

"Access to charging is the number one pain point for our fleet customers utilizing electric vehicles," said Steve Lalla, executive vice president of Verra Mobility's Commercial Services business. "We are thrilled to partner with Bluedot to provide added convenience for our customers with an improved experience to easily locate and pay for charging. Commercial fleet EV adoption is driving the emergence of new technology, and partnerships like this with Bluedot are especially important for Verra Mobility, as we always want to provide solutions for customers' current and future needs."

Fleets are transitioning to electric options due to the sustainable and environmental benefits. New legislation in California requires the electrification of fleets, and some of the largest fleet operators in the world including Walmart and Amazon have announced plans to transform their fleets in the next decade. However, charging remains a top pain point for fleet owners. According to McKinsey, public charging infrastructure needs significant expansion to meet future demands, with projections indicating a need for up to 1.2 million public chargers in the U.S. by 2030. And while 75-80% of EV owners in the U.S. and EU should have access to home charging, fleet owners and operators struggle to accurately track and reimburse home charging costs for their drivers.

Bluedot offers an all-in-one platform that automates payments for public charging. This system consolidates billing across different networks, simplifying the management process and reducing administrative burdens. In addition, Bluedot provides comprehensive home charging solutions, including detailed tracking and automated reimbursement processes.

"Verra Mobility's value proposition aligned perfectly with Bluedot," said Martin Hamedani, vice president of partnerships at Bluedot. "We are committed to making it easier for fleet owners to manage and charge electric vehicles. Verra Mobility provides automated payment solutions for leading fleets in the United States. We knew our solution would be a great fit to their offerings and smooth the transition to a fully electric fleet."

Verra Mobility provides services to fleets including the management of toll payments, violation processing and title and registration services. Its fleet management services are utilized by major fleet owners, operators, and managers to conveniently and automatically pay more than 300 million annual toll transactions and violation fees for more than seven million vehicles globally.

As part of the original partnership deal, Verra Mobility will now offer Bluedot's fleet EV charging solution to new and existing customers. For more information about Verra Mobility's fleet offerings, visit

About Verra Mobility

Verra Mobility Corporation (NASDAQ: VRRM) is a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions that make transportation safer, smarter and more connected. The company sits at the center of the mobility ecosystem, bringing together vehicles, hardware, software, data and people to enable safe, efficient solutions for customers globally. Verra Mobility's transportation safety systems and parking management solutions protect lives, improve urban and motorway mobility and support healthier communities. The company also solves complex payment, utilization and compliance challenges for fleet owners and rental car companies. Headquartered in Arizona, Verra Mobility operates in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit

About Bluedot

Bluedot empowers EV fleet operations by providing an all-in-one, user-friendly platform that enhances efficiency, streamlines charging, and optimizes cost management. Bluedot platform automated payments for public charging and offers robust home charging solutions with tracking and reimbursement. Trusted by thousands of drivers in rental, corporate, and government fleets, Bluedot covers over 80% of public charging stations across the U.S. Bluedot's mission is to drive the future of sustainable transportation by ensuring reliable, efficient, and seamless EV fleet management for organizations that power the global economy.

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